Leadership Course

The England Hockey Quicksticks Leadership Course is a FREE course that provides resources to train young leaders in the delivery of Quicksticks. The course can be delivered in two ways, either as a practical course or online.

It is recommended that young leaders are aged 13 years or older, however the tutor can use their judgement on each candidates suitability.

Delivery Guidance

Please click here for a step by step guide on how to plan and deliver your leadership course.

Please click here to download the candidate registration form.

The content and training only provides a basic overview and introduction to each area, and therefore young leaders should only ever operate under the supervision of a qualified teacher or coach.

The interactive table below is designed to signpost you to the various content, training and resources which are available to support the delivery of a Quicksticks leadership course. The aim is very much to provide the materials and content in a flexible way, so that the course can be structured and delivered to suit the needs of the group and the blocks of time available.

Module Resources Duration
Introduction to Leadership Introduction to Leadership presentation 30mins
Deliver Quicksticks Delivered via the Quicksticks online training course*Quicksticks Full Rules document

Quicksticks Advisory Guidelines

Deliver Quicksticks presentation

It is recommended to purchase the Quicksticks challenge cards

2.5hrs - 3hr
(depending on inclusion of 'Umpire Quicksticks' module)Plus assessment of 2 delivery sessions
Umpire Quicksticks
Quicksticks Umpiring Tips document Suggested as part of 'Deliver Quicksticks' modulePlus assessment of 2 games umpired
Organise a Quicksticks Festival Festival Guidance documentFestival Templates 30minsPlus assessment of organising and running a festival
Quicksticks Team Manager
(Bolt On)
Quicksticks Team Manager document 15minsPlus assessment of managing a team for one competition

*Quicksticks online training course - This course is free upon registration (by the deliverer). It is advised that the deliverer familarises themselves with the course videos before delivering to a group. To register click HERE.

Who can deliver the course?

Courses can be delivered by teachers, coaches or anyone with good hockey knowledge. Deliverers need to familiarise themselves with the course and follow the suggested course guidance. If you don't have a deliverer comfortable or familiar with Quicksticks please contact your Relationship Manager who will be able to suggest someone (please note an external deliverer may charge).

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