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6 reasons to pick up Quicksticks

  • Safe
  • Cost Effective
  • Accessible
  • Easy to Deliver
  • Inclusive
  • Enjoyable

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Schools Introduction to Quicksticks

Quicksticks is based on the belief that small team games are enjoyable to play for both genders and all hockey abilities. The game is based on small sided game principles which make the game simple to play and teach, minimising danger, making the game more exciting, reducing stoppages and maximising playing time.


Quicksticks is easy to deliver

Even if you don’t know anything about hockey we are confident you can deliver Quicksticks. We know many primary school teachers will not have any or little hockey knowledge so the Quicksticks Curriculum Resource and Challenge Cards have been designed specifically with you in mind.

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Quicksticks Courses

If you feel you need more guidance on how to deliver Quicksticks don't worry. England Hockey has a number of Quicksticks teacher training packages available - to find out more click here!


Insurance and Responsibilities - Whether your Quicksticks activity is delivered by a teacher or a local coach please read our advice on who is responsible for the supervision and insurance of that activity HERE.


School Games

Quicksticks is part of the our competition structure and incorporated into the School Games. Click here for more information.

How could Quicksticks benefit your school?

Schools can benefit in many ways through the delivery of Quicksticks, here are just a few:

  • It offers a relevant progression from Key Stage 1 Multi-skill development.
  • It is inclusive and provides a fun, flexible approach to high quality competition for girls and boys, whatever their ability.
  • It is easily adaptable and helps develop essential motor skills, team spirit, social interaction and fair play.
  • It can increase participation levels and offer more opportunities to engage young people in a wider variety of entry level school hockey competition.