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6 reasons to pick up Quicksticks

  • Safe
  • Cost Effective
  • Accessible
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  • Inclusive
  • Enjoyable

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Rules of Quicksticks

The rules of Quicksticks have been written specifically to make the introduction to hockey easy for both the player and deliverer.

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Quicksticks Sticks

The key headings below offer a quick summary:

No Goalkeepers

Quicksticks does not include goalkeepers making it safe, accessible, cost and time effective.

Fewer Players

Quicksticks is played 4-a-side offering all players full involvement and increased playing time.

Fewer Stoppages

Many rules from full 11-a-side hockey have been taken out or simplified to make Quicksticks easier to deliver and play. This also results is fewer stoppages meaning more playing time.

Umpire/Manager Roles

Quicksticks offers excellent development opportunities for playing, umpiring and coaching/managing roles within hockey.

The rules of Quicksticks are very simple allowing the players themselves to umpire the games. An easy-to-use 'Quicksticks Umpiring Tips' sheet is available to download by clicking HERE.


For further guidance and support download the Advisory Guidelines HERE.