Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Quicksticks. If you still cannot find the answer please click here to contact us.

We do not have an astroturf pitch, will we be able to play Quicksticks?

Yes, Quicksticks can be played on a variety of surfaces... playgrounds, netball courts, astroturf, grass and in sports halls. It is totally fact, the ball which has been developed for the game has been specifically designed for use on various surfaces including tarmac.

I have always thought of hockey as a dangerous game...

Played correctly, the game of Quicksticks is as safe as any other sport played at primary school. Although the game can be played with existing hockey equipment (sticks and balls), England Hockey has developed a range of equipment specifically for Quicksticks e.g. a larger ball.

I do not know anything about hockey. Are you sure I could deliver the game?

Absolutely. There are 49 illustrated Challenge Cards which introduce the game of Quicksticks in gradual stages starting with core skills e.g. dribbling the ball.  The front of the card provides a written explanation and illustration of the challenge to be carried out, whilst the back of the card gives more information for teachers. The supporting Curriculum Resource includes 24 weeks worth (six weeks’ each for years 3, 4, 5 and 6) of lesson plans and the waterproof Challenge Cards have been written for use with primary age children throughout Key Stage 2. The Resource uses these Challenge Cards to bring a variety of linked activities to children and follows the Key Stage 2 curriculum content and strands.

Do we need to buy special equipment?

No, you don’t. Existing hockey sticks and balls can be used, however a special range of equipment has been developed specifically for the game to aid the delivery of Quicksticks. The large Quicksticks kit bag includes: 30 Hockey sticks (size range 30”, 32” & 34”), 30 Quicksticks balls, and 12 Quicksticks Bibs. A medium package is also available as well as individual sticks and balls. The Quicksticks ball has been specifically designed for use on various surfaces traditionally found in Primary Schools. For infomation on ordering please click here.

Sounds like an expensive game?

The great thing about Quicksticks is that it can be played with existing hockey equipment within the school. The resources to deliver the game include 49 illustrated waterproof Challenge Cards and a Curriculum Resource which gives 24-weeks worth of lesson plans. Many other resources are available for free from this website including to help organise after-school clubs, festivals and online training.

Should children be wearing shin pads and mouth guards?

Even though the Quicksticks ball is safe, you (as the person responsible) may still recommend that shin-protectors and mouth-guards are worn by players on the pitch (inclusive of practice sessions).

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