Quickflicks - A hook for learning

Quickflicks is a series of hockey-based educational challenges. The collection of visual resources helps teachers to deliver a range of primary curriculum subjects in a fun and engaging way.

From calculating the number of Quicksticks hockey sticks that can be placed around the perimeter of a hockey pitch to measuring the force of different sporting objects, the challenges are brought to life by the use of videos and images, alongside downloadable cards.

Quickflicks aims to support and enhance the delivery of hockey's introductory game Quicksticks within primary schools.If your school already plays Quicksticks, we hope that the Quickflicks resources will enable you to use a game that you enjoy already to bring to life some other subjects, and help to extend the delivery into wider aspects of school life. Alternatively if your school is new to hockey, the Quickflicks content will help you to become more familiar with some aspects of the game and this will hopefully help you to feel more confident to give Quicksticks a go!

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"Quickflicks is a great resource that I have been using in the classroom, it provides challenge and is very engaging for the children."

"I have used the resources to cater for different abilities in my classroom."

"Having delivered hockey in both a school and community setting, I know that hockey engages and inspires pupils."

"With an interest in PE, it is great to see sport being used as a hook for other lessons."

"I use it across the curriculum and children have really enjoyed it."

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